About us

Omakase by Alon

Alon Omakase is the first fine dining restaurant serving Japanese Edomae sushi, exclusively in the form of omakase in Warsaw, Poland.

Its owner and head chef is Alon Than – sushi master with almost 20 years of experience. Even though he humbly says one must learn sushi one’s entire life, his skills were acknowledged at the World Sushi Cup held in Tokyo in 2015, where he won and received the title of World Sushi Champion. He is now recognized as one of the most influential sushi chefs in the world.


Alon has been appointed as an Ambassador of the All Japan Sushi Association to promote sushi especially in Poland and Ukraine. He also helps co-organize the Poland Sushi Cup – the competition created by the World Sushi Cup Institute. The winner of the Poland Sushi Cup represents Poland during the World Sushi Cup.Alon has also been named a Goodwill Ambassador of Japanese Cuisine by the Japanese Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries. It is a great honour, as only a few chefs have been attributed this title.

Culinary Concepts

Alon, together with his wife Alicja, is the creator of such culinary concepts as Izumi sushi, Kago sushi and Matcha Bistro & Bar. In his restaurants, Alon serves his unique cuisine, combining Japanese style with worldwide trends, often using Polish ingredients.


Alon’s biggest dream was to bring the new quality of Japanese traditional sushi in the Edomae style onto the Polish market. To make this possible, he decided to open the omakase restaurant. Alon is very happy that he will be able to dedicate his time and take in guests three days a week to a great culinary experience into the sushi world personally.


“Omakase” in Japanese means entrust in me – chef’s choice. It is a Japanese way of serving sushi, that enables Itamae – the sushi chef – to take his Guests into a unique culinary journey into the sushi world. A journey that, because of no menu, has the element of surprise, while the Master serves his Guests individual nigiri pieces, one by one.